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The New Evangelism by MichaelCardamone The New Evangelism by MichaelCardamone
In Evangelical Christianity, Evangelism has often meant that we beat people about the head with theology to sell them some fire insurance.

What we've gotten is a bunch of ill equipped, easily offended, bile-spitting bigots, we have sickness among our members, and we wonder why.

I saw a dove with a rainbow radiating from its wings.  In the center between the dove and the rainbow, I saw people working in love next to one another.

If we really want to spread the good news, it really should look like good news.  

People cannot realize that they need change in their lives unless they're given a good litmus test.  It's a loving, nurturing environment, showing Christ and Him crucified in the love the Father has for us that wins.  You can say you love someone all day long, but I dare you to crucify your needs and your own flesh to show you love them.  

Show them what you got, be the Bible they read.  I don't mean so called "good theology."  Theology is great, but if we're playing church games like a bunch of fire-insurance salesmen as to who can get the most clients rather than seeking to really heal the sick, love the broken, feed the poor, show compassion to those lost, and love those who really hate our guts, what good is it?  The word for "saved" in the greek also means "healed."  Are we healing people by making sure they "believe in the right Jesus?" 

Put your money and your heart where your mouth is.  Love some people.  Give to those who need it. Make some friends.  Do good things so that your light shines (and I don't mean eye-service, I mean actual good things for the sake of good things).

I promise you God will take that and work with it.  I've seen it. 
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A-Girl-Shall-Return Featured By Owner Jan 31, 2016  Professional General Artist
This is absolutely beautiful and awesome - Thank you so much for creating it! :huggle:
God bless you my friend! May the Lord help you in your message of love and truth! :heart:
MichaelCardamone Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
I'm just a glorified mail carrier. ^_^

And you as well!
Nahmala Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Student Digital Artist
I'm a Muslim, and I wholeheartedly support this message. Every religious person should have the goal of healing people and making the world a better place.

The Quran says that people who differ in religious beliefs should "race toward the Lord with good deeds." As in, focus on helping people and being a good person rather than on being "right" or "wrong." Demonstrate your faith through charity and good deeds, rather than trying to convince people to follow God without acting in the way He wants us to.

Faith is not a competition. It is a lifelong spiritual journey for each person. We who are strong in faith should use our faith to help others struggling, rather than just try and convert them and then leave them to fend for themselves.
MichaelCardamone Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
Rogue-Ranger Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Wow, that statement! The painting is beautiful and illustrates it perfectly, but that statement was very powerful to me. I was actually thinking recently, "don't just say love, show love." And I hadn't made that exact connection before between those people who add names to their little books to show off how many people they've brought to Christ to fire insurance salesmen. So many Christians are ill equipped and need to show more love. I think you and I see this similarly, but not everyone notices it. The good news should be good, not simply "turn or burn." I hope you can inspire others with this. Maybe you can feature it in some groups. Sometimes that can help things be noticed.
MichaelCardamone Featured By Owner Jan 25, 2016
I'm fortunately not the only one saying it.

In the circles I run in, evangelism comes in the form of just loving people as is and making sure needs are met first.

This group helped me with some of my past resentments and helped me heal from a good bit of my issues.  Loving me even though I was a shaking, anxiety-ridden wreck of a man when I walked in.
Rogue-Ranger Featured By Owner Jan 28, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
That's when people most need love, When they're a wreck. :) It's good to find support, since it's not offered from everyone.
MichaelCardamone Featured By Owner Feb 1, 2016
Yeah.  I try to remember that when I meet someone who is where I was.
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